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UI/UX Design


Client Dorm

Client Dorm is a CRM web app that empowers sales processes and strengthens customer relationships. It also includes employee activity tracking. This comprehensive tool streamlines sales, boosts customer engagement, and enhances employee performance monitoring. User feedback revealed usability issues with the existing CRM, prompting the need for a modern and intuitive interface.


Stody is a go-to mobile app that makes it easy to buy and sell stocks, without all the hassle of analyzing complex market data and graphs.


An AI Vacation platform that would collect prompts from users who would love to have a good vacation time and use the prompts to suggest the best vacation deals around the world, with accommodation options, weather and cultural preferences, safety counselling, price preferences, visa preferences etc.

A portfolio website

A portfolio website that showcases the architect’s strengths and accomplishments, capturing the essence of his impressive 5-year journey and 12 notable projects completed in 4 countries. 

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